MEME Vol. 1 -> Final Concert Recording

by MEME Rocks!

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Verse Eighteen years, a month and a half I had the idea that the outside was bad Crispy crackers under my feet That’s all we ever got to eat Told to never make a sound As we all lived happily underground I buried my parents in the mud The basement is flooding, I have to run Take a deep breath, up the stairs But as I stand there, I break out in tears I thought that freedom could be fun But now I’m just too scared of the sun Chorus Father had a heartattack Mother crushed by a grainsack Now I’m left all alone In our little basement I call home (2x) Verse 2 The dreaded day has arrived Now I have to kiss the basement goodbye Blinded by the sun as i open the door And what I see shakes me to my core Happy children running by No apocalypse that made everybody die My legs give out, I start to laugh My mental chain, it holds me back All these years and I can’t go outside So I crawl back and find somewhere to hide I thought that I wanted to be free But darkness is the only thing I bear to see Chorus 2 (2x) Bridge Was it all a lie, was it all a lie, was it all a lie? (x how many times you want) Chorus 3 I made him have a heartattack Crushed her with a grainsack So I’d be left all alone In my little basement i call home (2x)


This album contains all tracks performed the final show of MEME Youth Rock Camp Exchange in Berlin on July 29th 2018 at Berlin State Music Academy at FEZ Wuhlheide.

MEME is short for "Music Empowerment Mobility Exchange": It was a music exchange program for girls, trans* and non-binary youth between ages 16 and 30. The program was initiated by organizers of Stelpur Rokka! in Iceland, and Ruby Tuesday e.V. in Germany. Participants and co-organizers from eleven European countries have been involved in creating this space for empowerment and community building through music, media and art.

All of these songs are original creations of the the MEME campers, with some having played their instruments for years, some for just seven days at camp.

Enjoy and see you in 2019!


released November 19, 2018


all rights reserved



MEME Rocks! Berlin, Germany

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